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I'm Interested In These Areas

Did you know that it currently takes 450+ volunteers per weekend to fill  our current ministry needs? And we are still growing!! What a great opportunity for you to be blessed through serving others.  

Take a look at the list below, see what area might put your God-given talents to good use, fill out the interest form at the bottom of the page, and we'll get back to you quickly with the opportunities available!

Opportunities are available weekly on Saturday night at 6:00 p.m., and Sunday at 9:30 & 11:00 a.m.

Camp Noah Preschool Ministry – Need 100+

Praise Pals- praise & worship leaders

VIP Leaders –assist children with special needs

Teachers – various age groups

Greeters - assist with welcoming preschoolers and
families as well as providing guest services

Rotating Sub – 1 time per month(12 times per year)

Trek Kid’s Ministry (1st-4th grade)–


We are offering a new commitment level which allows you to serve in KidMin
every other week and attend a Growth Group.
It is called the A/B rotation!
We simply ask that you find your rotation partners to serve opposite of your weekend.

Requires 1-2 hours prep time per week.
Engage kids as they enter the TREK Camp area.
Play games, Ensure safety and Have FUN! Teach weekly
lesson to assigned class(cabin)using provided
curriculum. Build relationships that enables
spiritual discipleship. Work closely with FBW KidMin
staff and TC Coordinator to ensure required
materials are provided.

VIP Buddies- Partner up 1 on 1 with a VIP friend
to assist them in the TREK experience.
No previous experience required, training will be

Collide Student Ministry – Need 15

Growth Group Leaders – co-lead 10-12 students in
weekly Bible study

Greeters – assist with welcoming students and
families as well as providing guest services



Adult Ministry

Growth Group Leaders – lead adults in weekly Bible study

Women’s Ministry

Men’s Ministry

Senior Adult Ministry



Worship Ministry

Stage Director

Stage Crew



Technical/Media Ministry

Audio Visual and Technology-
assist with sound,lighting, camera operations,
and other audio visual needs during worship services



First Impressions Ministry

Iron Men: assist with greeting and assisting members
and visitors from the parking lot to the front door

Greeters- welcome members and visitors as they arrive
and assist new visitors with finding their way when

Ushers- assist with offering collection during
worship services

Safety Team- provide a safety presence in parking
lots, halls, common areas and outside grounds and
executes safety response plans in the event of an

Medical Team- respond to medical needs that may arise
during weekend services and executes safety response
plans in the event of an emergency.



Missions Ministry

Connection Center Encouragers – assist with welcoming new members and
counseling decisions during and following
worship services

Glen Knoll, Southfork & Redwood Mobile Home Neighborhood Ministry

Inflatables Ministry – assist with set up and tear
down during ministry events

Polar Express Ministry – assist with ice cream
truck ministry 


Library- library assistance during worship services
and other library hours.

Divorce Care Ministry

Marriage Mentors Ministry

Prayer Ministry

Helping Hands- assist with office or church campus
maintenance projects during weekdays