Marriage Enrichment

Our desire is to build and strengthen marriages both before and after the wedding ceremony.  We want to spread God’s fame by guiding couples to intentionally discover their God-given purpose in marriage and to have thriving, God-honoring marriages.  Whether your marriage is rocking or rocky, our Marriage Enrichment ministries are here to take you to the next level in your marriage. 


"I Promise" 

This is a biblically-based premarital resource designed to help engaged couples prepare for a God-centered marriage. Through another mentoring couple, the engaged couple is inspired by learning biblical truths and how God created each of their unique personalities. Topics covered include: roles in marriage; proper communication; conflict resolution; forgiveness; sexuality; and finances. The result is a strengthened foundation for a joyful, divine marriage.  


Pete & Sue Nicklas c: 972-442-7169  e:


This is a biblically-based ministry designed to help you improve your marriage. In complete confidentiality, a trained mentor couple is paired with you and your spouse to guide and encourage you through scripture and to fully understand God’s holy design and purpose in marriage. Topics covered include: roles in marriage; proper communication; conflict resolution; forgiveness; sexuality; and finances. By applying these scriptural truths, it can bring unspeakable joy into your relationship.


“Mentoring improved our marriage by teaching us our roles and how to communicate. We grew closer to one another and to God. We recommend this program to every married couple.” — R & N

“Through our mentors we were able to strengthen our communication skills, learn how to build our efficiency in praying together, and how to recognize the blessings we bestowed upon each other.That last thing is seemingly small, but proved to be monumental in our happiness as a couple.” — R & C

“Our marriage improved by leaps and bounds! We still have struggles, but our communication has improved, and we are more intentional about putting God in the center of our marriage. It feels good to have a renewed confidence and strength in our relationship. We are so happy we went through the Marriage Mentor program!” — C & A

Dennis Davidson-  c: (972) 757-5121  e:    

Connie Davidson- c: (214) 676-8730 e: 


We know it can be challenging when two households come together.  We have a Blended Family Growth Group that helps address some of these issues. The small group meets on Sundays, 11am in Room 144.  The Blended Family ministry also hosts a yearly Blended Family simulcast.

Greg and Lynda Peters: or  


In addition to all the ministries above, FBW has several tools to help you strengthen your marriage. 

Right Now Media. Right Now Media is a library of over 10,000 Christian videos. If you do not have an account, go to and sign up. Once you log-in to Right Now Media, click on “Libraries” then “Marriage.” There are many videos you and your spouse can watch together to enhance your marriage.

Home Foundations. Stop by the Home Foundations Center in the mall and check out some great resources. Look for the Marriage Date Night recipe cards. 

Beacon Counseling. Beacon Counseling offices out of FBW. They are Christian-based counselors who will help you in your marriage. Visit or call 469-757-4525 for more information.