Singles Ministry

There are 3 different areas in the FBW Singles ministry:

Doug Gray Singles - Sundays, 11am, Main Campus Room 241. This class is for singles in their 20's who are out of college and starting or have already started a career.

The Blend - Sundays, 11 am, Main Campus Room 145
Our vision is to help unmarried people of all ages and stages of life to find purpose and passion in their faith, to discover their true identify in Christ and to connect with others in order to grow His Kingdom. Being single by personal choice, divorced or widowed does not mean we are any less important to the Lord’s work. On the contrary – God often uses those of us in these positions for some of His greatest works.

Harold Williams Senior Singles - Sundays, 9:30 am, Main Campus Room 145
This class is for singles (single, divorced or widowed) who are 55 years of age or older.

Please fill out the Singles Ministry request form for more information.

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