Beginning January 18, our Wednesday Night Activities will be back! 

Our preschoolers, ages Birth through Kindergarten, will join us in Camp Noah as we “DIG IN” to God’s Word! "DIG IN" creates experiences where kids make discoveries, helping preschoolers to build their foundation of faith. Join us on Wednesdays from 6:30-7:30pm in the preschool wing. Please check in at the kiosks before dropping off your kiddos! If you have any questions, please email .

Our TREK Kids (1st-4th) come together at 6:15pm on Wednesday nights in the TREK Worship Room in order to grow together in their understanding of what it means to be a disciple of Jesus. This time is fun and intentional, and we can promise you that your children will want to be at every week! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact .
Area 56 (5th-6th grade)
is a place to belong, and a place to change the world. Area 56 gathers at 6:15pm on Wednesday nights in the FBW Gym. This is a fun and intentional time that your kids won't want to miss out on as we play tons of games, and learn about Jesus. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact .

On Wednesdays we have large group youth services; Motion (Jr. High) starts at 6:16 pm and Impact (Sr. High) starts at 7:07 pm. Each week students are challenged through various activities to grow in their faith, rise up as leaders, and develop deep, meaningful friendships. For more information, email .

All Adult Classes begin at 6:30pm

There are various ways for Adults to get connected on Wednesday Nights:

  • Chapel - Event Center/Community Room
  • Women’s Workout and Prayer Class - Main Campus/Room 228 
    Paul tells Timothy that “bodily training is of some value, godliness is of value in every way, as it holds promise for the present life and also for the life to come(1 Timothy 4:8).” This class  will strive to help you get fit physically and spiritually. You will learn some physical exercises to help you work out on your own and also some spiritual habits to help you grow in following Christ. The goal is to help grow you into His disciple. Make sure you come dressed ready to work out! Childcare provided, its free, steward-ship of body and making Disciples... so no excuses! Beginners to advanced activity levels. 
  • COED Precept Class - Main Campus/Room 245 
    Titus and 1 Corinthians studies available
    Precept Upon Precept is a Precept Inductive Bible Study which features the Precept Inductive Bible Study Method. Discover Truth for yourself. How do you live with integrity in a nation without morals? Can the church effectively engage and change this destructive condition in our society? How does your life reflect your faith? You can change the culture into which God has called you. Cost is $6 for the Titus study and $27 for 1 Corinthians. Why are there so many divisions in the church? Why does the church sometimes tolerate sin? Are you experiencing any of the same problems that the Corinthians did in your own relationships or in your church? If you have similar questions, this study is an important resource. Learn how to pray by knowing God's mind and will on divisions. What does God say about marriage, divorce, remarriage? Tongues? Prophecy? Giving? Paul addresses these issues raised by Corinthian believers. 
  • Men’s Bible Study - Main Campus/Room 244
    Study of accountability/mentoring as applies to new creations and new life in Christ. This is not accountability in the flesh focusing on the failure of the old man but accountability of the new man; who he “really is” and how to see life now after the old has passed away. 
  • Marriage Study - Main Campus/Room 242
    This study will cover: helping couples have realistic expectations about their relationship; learn to be an effective communicator, be an active listener and what it means to have true dialogue; learn to embrace each other’s differences; conflict resolution; learn to develop spiritual unity and to overcome differences in family origins; sessions on money with Dave Ramsey; and sexual intimacy.
    Facilitators: Pete and Sue Nicklas
    Material Price: $20/2 workbooks (mens and womens).
  • Divorce Care - Main Campus/Room 111
  • Balancing Life's Demands- Main Campus/Room 243 
    Are you busy, tired, stressed out, and stretched to the limit? Does life seem a little out of control? Are you running long on “to do’s” and short on time? In the series, Balancing Life’s Demands, you will learn how to put “first things first” and find peace in the midst of pressure and adversity. This isn’t about cliches or quick fixes, just practical biblical insights to help you order your personal world.

These classes are free. Classes with study materials can be purchased in class or online by clicking HERE.

For more information please email